SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Trailer) - the ultimate solution for efficient and versatile heavy-load transportation. With cutting-edge technology and impressive capabilities, SPMT effortlessly handles civil constructions, petrochemical components, and more. Its circular drive and "crab moves" ensure seamless maneuverability, while its immense capacity of 36 to 48 tons per axle line and lifting height of approximately 500 mm make light work of any heavy-load challenge. Upgrade your operations with SPMT and unlock a new level of efficiency and success.

In an operation demanding the utmost precision and care, Sinotrans Sarens has successfully relocated a historical convent building in the city of Jinan, China. The building houses important relics requiring special protection, which is why Sinotrans Sarens SPMTs were chosen for the transport operation.

To move the 2.600-tonne convent building a total of 76 metres, Sarens used 120 axle lines SPMT and assisted in jacking before transport.

The convent, which is over 100 years old, is an aging and weathered structure that would have easily suffered damage or structural cracking due to any unforeseen deviations during transport. To address the challenge of moving such a vulnerable historical structure, Sinotrans Sarens formalised a strict transport standard and deviation of less than 10mm horizontally, 2mm vertically, and 4% slope.

With careful planning and precautions in place, the complete building, which measures 36 metres long, 16 metres wide, and 16 metres tall, was successfully transported to its new location. The Sinotrans Sarens team relocated it 50 metres to the east, rotated it 20┬░clockwise, and finally moved it another 26 metres.

Accustomed to reaching speeds of up to 28 000 kph in space, the space shuttle Endeavour was reduced to a crawling 3 kph as it made its way through Los Angeles en route for Inglewood City Hall for an official launch ceremony before reaching its final destination at the California Science Center.

The Endeavour's "final mission" was the result of months of meticulous planning by Sarens engineers in collaboration with multitude of public and private entities. An array of specially designed, Self-Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMTs) were used to transport the Endeavour. Comprising four independent, multi-axle, computer-controlled wheeled vehicles, the SPMTs will ensure precision manoeuvrability and stability while moving the shuttle along its densely populated route.

The SPMTs are controlled and steered as a single vehicle by a person walking alongside the shuttle using a remote joystick control panel. Additional spotters will be positioned near the nose, tail and wingtips to enable precision manoeuvrability near potential obstructions such as buildings, poles and trees. This was the first and most likely the only time that a space shuttle was or will be transported through an urban environment.


Jim Hennessy, Marketing Manager, Sarens North America: "This may not be the largest or heaviest object we have transported before but it is certainly one of the most important in our company's history. The Endeavour is a national treasure and we are honoured to play a key role in its final mission en route to the California Science Center where it will be put on display for all to see."

The shuttle weighs 68 tonnes, has a wingspan of 24m tip to tip, is 38m long and measures 17m from the ground to the tip of the tail. In preparation for its transport, several high-voltage transmission lines were either removed or repositioned along with hundreds of streetlights, signs, traffic signals and identified obstacles.